Sublimation Printing

PRGPrinting is now pleased to offer sublimation printing

Sublimation Samples
Sublimation samples from PRGPrinting

Sublimation printing is the process used to create vivid prints on metal (generally, Aluminum). This opens up a whole new world of products that we can offer you, our wonderful customers. While we can (and do) offer flat metal prints, we can also now offer various items like phone cases, drink coasters, refrigerator magnets, key-chains, and smaller towels to name but a few. In all cases, we can print your desired photo on these items. It’ll be a couple of weeks before we can offer any creative designs for you.

Product Finishes

Our sublimation products are available with up-to 4 different surface finishes: Glossy, Semi-Glossy, Matte and Clear. These finishes are just like the finishes you would find on regular inkjet prints. Glossy has quite a bit of shine, Semi-Glossy has less shine and Matte has very little (or no) shine. The one that is different is the “Clear” finish. This finish is similar to the Glossy finish but instead of a white coating on the metal, it has a clear coating (allowing the shiny aluminum to show through). This gives a very 3D look to the image not unlike metallic photo paper.

The sublimation print is a very vibrant and durable print. While I’m not saying that the prints are indestructible, they do stand up to a lot of wear and tear. These prints withstand a level of wear that would cause instant problems with a regular inkjet print.

PRGPrinting is now working with suppliers of sublimation blanks to establish lines of inventory and sources. Please bear with us as we increase our abilities and inventory of these items for you. Please do note that we are currently limited to producing items that are sized 13″ x 19″ or less. We also have limited ability to offer “production runs” of various items – mostly because our equipment can only turn out 20-30 items per hour.

Be sure to order your sublimation prints today from PRGPrinting