Our Products

These are the products available from PRGPrinting.

Photo Prints – Photo prints are available in either a satin/luster finish or a glossy finish. Satin/luster prints have a small amount of shine to them where glossy prints have a lot more shine to them. These are typically inexpensive prints and similar to what you would get from your corner drugstore or warehouse chain store.

Fine-Art Prints – Fine-art prints are available in either a matte or a glossy finish. Matte prints typically do not have any shine to them. The glossy fine-art prints typically have a significant amount of shine on them. These prints are often referred to as “museum-grade” prints. Fine-art prints are great for gift-giving as well as exhibitions.

Gallery-wrapped Canvas Prints – The Gallery-wrapped canvas print is our top-of-the-line print product. These prints are available in a matte, satin or glossy finish. The printed canvas is also spray-coated with a protective “varnish” layer to insure long life for the print. This sprayed print is stretched over a wooden frame and fastened to the back of this frame.

Vinyl Prints – These inexpensive products are all printed on either a Vinyl or a Poly material and may be plain backed or adhesive. Vinyl is typically used for stickers (including bumper stickers). Poly material is typically used for banners and/or posters.

Other print products are available as well. Products such as Art Display Kits (a 16×20 matte with cutout, a 16×20 print sized to fit under that matte, a 16×20 backing board and a 16×20 sealed clear bag to keep the kit together). We also offer custom sized printed magnets.