About PRGPrinting

About PRGPrintingAbout us: PRGPrinting is a home-based business located in Westland Michigan. We specialize in printing photos on a variety of mediums. We can print photo prints, canvas and murals.

About the PRG in PRGPrinting is a simple acronym that stands for “Printing by Ron Gage”. While this is somewhat redundant, it rolls well.

Established in 2013, our owner (Ron) acquired a non-working wide photo printer. He was able to get this printer working with a minimal effort. Today, that printer is still in service producing high-quality photo prints for our customers.

Today, PRGPrinting continues to offer various printing products for all photographers around the country. With our recent expansion into sublimated products, we have expanded our product lines. We can now offer t-shirts, metal prints and other printed gift products.