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Mounts for your metal prints

These mounts make it easier for you to attach your metal prints to a wall.  The single piece mounts provide a screw hole or nail hole for mounting your metal prints to the wall.  For many of these, a second block is also provided to make it easier to keep your print even with the wall.

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  • Block mount for metal prints These block mounts are for mounting your metal prints to a wall.  These 5″x5″ mounts are recommended for metal prints from 6″x6″ on up to 11″x14″.  A spacer block is included with the mount to help make sure your larger prints don’t slope.

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  • Shadow Mount for Metal Prints The Shadow Mount is a 2-piece mount for your metal prints.  These MDF mounts allow you to mount your metal print on any suitable wall and have the print “stick out” from the wall.  This creates a shadow effect, making it look like the print is floating away from the …

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