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glass printsGlass Prints by PRGPrinting offers an elegant and unique way to present your artwork.  Regular photo prints rely on the reflection of light to present an image.  These prints are the essence of light reflection.  The back of the print is translucent offering a diffuse light source for the ink and image without showing what is behind the print.

These prints are available with either a straight square edge or a beveled edge.  The prints are also available with acrylic feet to aid in display.  The glass is tempered for strength and durability.  These prints will last a lifetime and the quality of these prints is unmatched!  You will be impressed with the results!

Unlike other low-cost labs that print the image onto a sticker and then adhere that sticker to the rear of the glass, ours use a coating right on the glass itself.  This provides for much better color vibrance and image clarity.  This also help prevent the image from separating from the rear of the glass, contributing to the long life of the print.

The glass is easily cleaned with a lint-free cloth and any commercially available glass cleaner.

If glass won’t meet your photo print needs, we do also offer metal prints.



12×18, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10


Beveled, Non-beveled


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