Patriotic 20oz tumbler


A variety of 20oz tumblerThe patriotic 20oz tumbler by PRGPrinting is available with your choice of either patriotic or military image printed on it.  You can also have your own photo image printed on these tumblers.  The tumbler can be further personalized by adding text like a name or date to the image.

These tumblers work well with either hot or cold liquids thanks to their vacuum sealed construction.  Tests have shown that cold drinks (ice water) will stay cold for 24 hours while hot drinks (coffee or even soups) will stay hot for 8 hours.  You will find that these tumblers compare favorably to tumblers from brands like Thermos and Yeti.

While the 20oz tumbler is made from 2 layers of stainless steel, it is not dishwasher safe.  Hand washing of these tumblers is strongly advised.

The tumblers come with 2 lids and a reusable plastic straw.  One of the lids is a slider type lid that accommodates the included plastic straw.  This lid has a sliding cover over the dispensing hole.  It is not splash proof.  The other lid is a spouted lid.  This lid has a closable spout that connects with an internal straw allowing you to drink from the tumbler with minimal (none) spilling.  The spouted lid also has a carabiner-style carrying loop built in to allow easy transport of the tumbler.

The patriotic 20oz tumbler is available now.



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