Southern Ring Nebula JWST poster


Southern Ring Nebula poster

Southern Ring Nebula

This image of the Southern Ring Nebula is absolutely amazing.  This was taken by the James Webb Space Telescope (or JWST).  It was one of the first images made available to the public from the JWST.  This image is one of our favorite images and we think you will like it too!

This image shows the death of a star.  There are multiple waves in the cloud edge that show the destruction of the dying star.

This image is courtesy of NASA.  They do not endorse the printing of their images but do not prohibit it.

This poster will be printed on high-quality Epson HotPress Natural fine-art paper.  This archival grade paper will last over 100 years with proper handling.  The poster will be printed “full-bleed” meaning that the poster will have empty margins on it.  The printed image will go all the way to the edge of the poster.  The final print will be available in either a 24″x24″ or a 36″x36″ size.

As an alternative, this print is also available as an 12×12 metallic print.  This print will also be printed “full-bleed” however, some cropping will occur at the edges.  This cropping (cutting off) of the image is necessary due to the width/height of the original image.

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Weight 1 lbs

12×12, 24×24, 36×36


Glossy, Matte Photo Paper


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